General musings

So I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been recycling old recipes to fit my busy lifestyle.

I’m determined to keep blogging so thought I would make a space for general pondering/musings that are not necessarily food-related but might be of interest to people. The inspiration is from watching vlogs and I thought ‘well if they can do vlogs about their days, I can do blogs about mine’. I hope to post regularly but I also want the content to be good. It may be a mix of pictures, info about places I’ve been to and projects I’ve taken up. It could be anecdotes and stories that I think may be useful to share. I really don’t know. We’ll see!

I hope it’ll give you a bit of an insight to the person behind the recipes and that I can take some of you on this journey with me. Please subscribe and watch this space! Comments are welcome, but I would like this to be a place of positivity so please no deliberately malicious comments, they will be blocked!


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